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If It’s Interesting, You Won’t Find it Here

Am I striving for new levels of mundane or what? I don’t have a counter attached to this page any more, so I have no clue how many visitors I’m getting per day. For all I know, there are three of you out there who stop by daily. Isn’t that sad? Well that’s what happens, you know. You raise kids, and then they grow up and move on.

The drive to work isn’t even as interesting as the old drive to work was. Sure, there’s less traffic to deal with, but a lot of the drive is through woods on a windy road. That’s windy as in, it curves a lot, not that it’s got a lot of air blowing on it. I mean, it’s windy with the air blowing sometimes, not not any more than any other road in the area.

Two questions for anyone out there still reading…anyone have recommendations for a local store that sells battery operated Christmas lights? Basically I want to string up a few lights here in my cubicle, but I don’t have an outlet I can use for something like that. So either something that would run off the USB port on my computer, or battery-operated lights, or something like that. And I’d rather buy locally (which can be anywhere between Leominster and Nashua) than online, because I want to see what I’d be getting in person.

Secondly, anyone out there have a recommendation for a robot building kit for an [almost] 8 year old?