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Have You Seen My Keys? [I have!]

[Update: Found them. In a place I’d already looked but maybe not closely enough. Whew! But I’m sad I don’t have an excuse to go back to the Ixtapa Cantina tonight…]

Man oh Man, what a Monday this is turning into. And on a short week yet. I haven’t been able to find my keys for over 24 hours now. I couldn’t find them at noon yesterday, and I still don’t have them. I did call the Ixtapa Cantina in Fitchburg (Oh my gosh, Leominster Christine was right, the food is amazing!) to see if they found them there. It’s one of the few places I went before realizing I couldn’t find my keys.

And I left my cell phone at home again. Fantastic. Just makes my day.

Yesterday was lovely, wasn’t it? And a large group of us (okay, 8) went out to walk around at the Quabbin Reservoir. What a lovely place that is. I will have a couple of photos maybe later tonight, so keep checking!