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Food Frenzy

Okay, the Sentinel (I’d give you a link but I’m lazy. I think it’s just that dot com) had an article about the two restaurants that will be coming to the Orchard Hill Shopping center in Leominster.

I am quite literally beside myself with joy over one of them. The other I could live without ever setting foot in again. Let’s start with the latter. Everyone knew it was going to be the Olive Garden. Well the official word is out. But the last restaurant is the one that I am BEYOND THRILLED to have so close to home. We have nothing at all like it in the area, but not only that, the food is outstanding. We are getting…a Smokey Bones! WOOOOO! Everyone stand up and cheer, and get ready to order skillets of corn bread with pecan butter, baby. And the pulled pork. Junior ate half of mine the last time we went to the one in Nashua, and this kid doesn’t eat things like pulled pork. Oh joy!