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And Away We Go!

The 2005 Nanowrimo starting gun was fired at midnight. I guess that means I need to get my butt in gear, stop eating Junior’s Halloween candy, and write something. That also means things should heat up over in the NaNoDumpO blog. I’ve added it to the blogroll on the right, so you’ll always know when there is something new. There’s also an RSS feed (link is on the page) for those of you who like to maintain your feed lists. Right now I have 4 people contributing to that blog, so I’m hoping it will be busy!

Man alive, was it a great night for trick-or-treating or what? You just can’t get a nicer day than yesterday, unless it’s today. Too bad I’ve got that whole work thing to do. Time to put away all the Halloween decorations. I don’t want to jump right into Christmas, though. Not when it’s 67 degrees and the trees are FINALLY changing color. Sheesh.