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Torturing the Tots

Not tater tots, silly. I mean the children. The two boys and the girl. Well, not the short boy – he’s too fussy and hates fizzy drinks.

I got my step-kids to drink Moxie over the weekend. I know, you’re thinking to yourself, “Moxie, didn’t they stop making that during WW1?” No. No they did not. They still make it, and the Coca-Cola company distributes it. They had it on the menu at the place that used to be called the Time-Less Diner up in Merrimack NH, which is now Joe’s something-or-other under new management. (Anyone know what happened with that, by the way?)

Their take? Nasty nasty nasty aftertaste. You drink it and think it’s kind of got a root beer undertone, and then, after you swallow, the burning aftertaste kicks in. Gah.

I’m such a good step-mom.