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Month: October, 2005

Poor Widdle Pupster

Oh, he’s got the saddest face in the world! I just want to go out and buy him lots of toys and treats and anything else he wants.

The whole cone on the head thing makes me feel so BAD for him! But he won’t leave his stitches alone…in fact, I can’t tell if he got to them or not. Little poop figured out a way to lick his wounds even with the plastic cone around his head.

We have to put up with this for two weeks? Oy vey…


Imaginary Conversation

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a short play I call “Imaginary Conversation Between Man and Dog.” You can feel free to act this out in the privacy of your own home.

Mr. Dump: Okay, time to get in the car.
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: What? It’s time to go to doggie daycare!
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: This is because of Monday, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’re not going to the vet this time.
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: Look, we had to have them removed. That guy from the Price is Right said so.
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: And we had no idea they were going to pull two of your baby teeth. While you were there.
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: We assume it’s because your adult teeth were coming in. They don’t remove things for no reason.
Phantom: Screw you.
Mr. Dump: And you only have to wear that cone on your head because you won’t leave your stitches alone…
Phantom: Screw you.



Game Called

We didn’t have soccer yesterday. I had a feeling that would be the case, given that by the time they played the third games of the day after 10 days of rain, it would have been the mudbowl out there. 50mph wind gusts would have just added to the fun. I think part of the decision to call was just to save the sod. They have 4 fields, and our in-town league plays three games in each field on Sunday, 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30. So you’ve got all the parents with chairs, etc., the siblings running around, plus the little team members running around. The grass would have been destroyed. I don’t know how much it costs to reseed, but I think it wise to just let the field dry out, y’know?

So we went pumpkin picking. Before I left the house for my sister’s, I thought “I’ll be it will be muddy” so I packed boots. Junior has those good rubber rain boots. I need to get a pair of those. Because 5 of us went out into basically a pumpkin swamp. There was 2-3 inches of standing water in places, and where there wasn’t water, there was mud. You’d step on land that looked fine, and sink 5 or so inches in, and water would gush over your shoe. My hiking boots, it turns out, are not waterproof. I was a soaking mess. The mud tried to rip off my boots and almost succeeded. And then there were the winds…so you can imagine we looked fantastic by the time we left. And then we noticed a bunch of people picking pumpkins on the hill behind where you pay. You know, a hill where the water would run off so it probably wasn’t muddy.
“Why didn’t you tell us we could go up there and not down to the “lake”?”
“Oh, all the big pumpkins are down there.”

I don’t recall telling anyone we were looking for big pumpkins! Sigh.

(The plus side to all of this was walking through the mud was a good workout, plus I stole a brand new pair of socks from my sister. Win-Win!

p.s. Phantom is having his jingle bells removed right now. I can’t tell you how guilty I feel. But not as guilty as I would if he knocked up some other dog. He was getting cozy with a basset hound at doggie daycare. I do not want to see a litter of bassetpoo (Cockahound?) puppies.



I’m done being damp, okay? Just done. A guy started work the week, transplanted from California. Having a discussion with him about places to visit, etc, I realized he thought this weather was typical for us. He thought Merrimack NH was the Seattle of the East, because it had been rainy and disgusting ever since he arrived last weekend. I don’t know if I was successful in my efforts to tell him that it really was very very unusual to have such miserable weather this many days in a row. I suppose he won’t believe me until it actually stops being so gross out.

I heard we might get very heavy winds tomorrow. Given how saturated the ground is (walking on the front yard was like mucking about in quicksand) if we do have 50mph wind gusts, I wouldn’t park my car under any big trees…unless you went that flattened pancake look.


Well Isn’t that Special

I heard the big news that Apple is introducing an iPod that plays video. Wow, is that ever going to piss off all the people who jumped on the bandwagon and bought iPod Nanos in the past couple of weeks. And it isn’t like everyone knew this was coming…if you can believe it, as late as October 6th there was a big article in CNet not to hold your breath waiting for such a thing. I guess we can all breath now, huh?

Of course, what ticks me off (again) is that the video you’ll be able to download for $1.99 from iTunes will only be playable on your computer or on the special iPod. So my Archos, which plays video, won’t be able to play it. So even if I am willing to spend the money to download something, screw me for not having the fancy new $400 iPod. Well, see, my Archos is not just a player, it’s a recorder. So I can record TV shows and movies just by plugging the damned thing into the television.

Between me, the husband, and three kids, I’ve already invested about $800 in various iPods, not to mention accessories. I’m not going to drop another $400 when I have a perfectly lovely Archos, which does the job, thank you very much, just because you want to be all proprietary with your videos. I will probably be wrong, but I think this isn’t going to be the blowout that the iTunes music files were/are.


Happy Beef Stroganoff Week!

I don’t know if it’s officially Beef Stroganoff Week…my calendar only mentions Columbus Day and Yom Kippur (have an easy fast, everyone). But Sunday I made homemade beef stroganoff. (It was good, but not as good as the last time I made it. I suspect part of the problem was using fat-free beef broth instead of good old American fat-full broth. And the cut of meat, while good, wasn’t the same was the one we used the last time. Shame on us for trying to cut fat and expense from our meal!)

Then Monday, the hot entree in our cafeteria was beef stroganoff. And Mr. Dump just emailed me to say that it was the entree in his cafeteria today. What are the odds? You could literally go months without even thinking about it, and this week it’s being shoved down our throats.

Mr. Dump said his work stroganoff was nasty. So I win the cook-off! Go me!


Happy Columbus Day

In honor of the holiday, I will eat foods native to Columbus, Ohio today. I should probably try to figure out why there’s a whole holiday honoring a midwestern city, but hey, who am I to judge? What’s that, you say? It’s not honoring Columbus, Ohio? Well what the hell! Just for that, I’m going to work instead of taking the day off.

Oh all right. I had to go to work anyway. Junior had the day off, and Mr. Dump is staying home with him. Phantom thought that was great, and to show his appreciation, he crapped all over the hearth. Mmmm. Doggie diarrhea on brick. I am thanking God, Allah, Mother Nature and anyone else who wants to be thanked that it wasn’t my job to clean it up.

We also saw the Wallace and Gromit movie on Saturday. Great movie, I loved it. I’d say parts might be a little scary if the kiddies are skittish or younger than 5 or so. Nothing bad happens, but there’s a guy threatening to kill bunnies with a gun, etc. etc. And of course, the scariness of the unseen until they reveal the Wererabbit. So fresh from the glow of seeing this movie, I read with horror that all the Aardman archives were destroyed by fire last night/today. Oh my goodness, that is so completely heartbreaking. Nick Park was wonderfully philosophical about it, I hope that were I in a similar situation, I would be the same way. It’s just sad to think that they lost everything, the entire history of the company, and Wallace and Gromit (all the sets, the characters, the awards, everything). You’ve gotta shake your head when you read that one phone call tells them they had the #1 movie in America over the weekend (our showing, by the way, at the Solomon Pond Mall? Completely sold out), and the next phone call is that they’ve lost everything that was stored in the warehouse that burned. (Let that be a lesson…never keep everything in one place. When I make backups from my computer, I take copies and store them in my drawer at work.)

Anyhoo…time to dip into the Red Cross fund for the Pakistan earthquake victims. Good God, I cannot fathom that amount of death and destruction.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

I wish I’d had my camera this morning on the drive in to work. There were two places that I wanted to stop and take a picture. One was of this house with about 15-20 wild turkeys in the front yard. (I think they were wild turkeys. Coulda been turkey buzzards, I suppose. I was going by at a pretty good clip, so I couldn’t stare into their beady little eyes to try to determine what they were.)

The other was of this really huge, nicely shaped maple tree. All green, except for this little clump of maybe 5 or 6 leaves that had turned red. It was just so funny, seeing a big green tree with this spot of red. You know by Monday, when I’m driving by again, there will be more than that one clump. But it looked great and I’m mad at myself for not having the camera. Not that I have a lot of free time in the morning to just pull off the road and start snapping pictures.

Oh, and to celebrate Friday, here’s a recent picture of Phantom. He gets his jingle bells removed in a week and a half…don’t tell him, though, we want it to be a surprise.


Best Part of the Game

Before I forget, the best part of last night’s game happened in my living room, when Junior referred to Tek as “the C Captain.” Okay, so for the rest of the night, we called him the Sea Captain. Cause, you know, he’s the captain and he has the C on his uniform. Get it? Get it? I need a drawing of him piloting a boat of some kind now.

And hats off to Edgah, by the by, for showing up and getting busy. He gets a lot of crap from Red Sox Nation (Hey, Bill, wanna see our RSN card? We paid for it and got it in the mail, dude!) but he was in tip-top shape last night.


My Lack of a Potion Must Have Doomed Them

I never got that eye of newt, so I never got my brew made and sent out to the Red Sox. Of course, my potion was going to be for pitching, and it turns out that maybe what I needed was a “don’t let the ball roll past you” potion. My bad.

What are the Boston area bloggers going to talk about if the season ends in a night or two? My God, football is only played weekly. Baseball gives us a reason to bitch and moan and scream and cry on an almost daily basis.

I just noticed that my watch was a day late, because there were only 30 days in September. But I’m not complaining…it’s WAY better than my old Timex “let’s show 32 through 39 and 00 as valid dates” watch. This one, a Christmas gift from mom and dad last year, is my first “nice” watch (a Citizen) in probably 20 years. One day off, I can handle.

Juniorism of the week: Well, it happened a few weeks ago, but my sister didn’t tell me about it until we went out for her birthday/girl’s night out on Tuesday. Apparently one evening when they were watching him for us for a couple of house, the Amazing Bob built one of his patented “cooking fires” and the kids were going to do marshmallows. Deb has actually spear thingies she uses, but the kids wanted sticks. Bob told Junior not to head over to a certain area because it was full of poison ivy. Junior’s response, with hand raised in a stop-sign kind of thing: “Don’t worry Uncle Bob, I’m good at science.”

He then proceeded to come back over to the fire with a perfectly useless “stick” that was actually more like a floppy poison ivy vine covered with leaves. Oh ya, he’s good at science. I will note for the jury that the reason I didn’t hear this story until Tuesday was because they didn’t want to say anything and were waiting for me to tell them that he’d “somehow” gotten poison ivy on his hands. Which he never did. It was evasive maneuver #16 – “Don’t tell them you broke the lamp until they notice the lamp is broken…”