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My Lack of a Potion Must Have Doomed Them

I never got that eye of newt, so I never got my brew made and sent out to the Red Sox. Of course, my potion was going to be for pitching, and it turns out that maybe what I needed was a “don’t let the ball roll past you” potion. My bad.

What are the Boston area bloggers going to talk about if the season ends in a night or two? My God, football is only played weekly. Baseball gives us a reason to bitch and moan and scream and cry on an almost daily basis.

I just noticed that my watch was a day late, because there were only 30 days in September. But I’m not complaining…it’s WAY better than my old Timex “let’s show 32 through 39 and 00 as valid dates” watch. This one, a Christmas gift from mom and dad last year, is my first “nice” watch (a Citizen) in probably 20 years. One day off, I can handle.

Juniorism of the week: Well, it happened a few weeks ago, but my sister didn’t tell me about it until we went out for her birthday/girl’s night out on Tuesday. Apparently one evening when they were watching him for us for a couple of house, the Amazing Bob built one of his patented “cooking fires” and the kids were going to do marshmallows. Deb has actually spear thingies she uses, but the kids wanted sticks. Bob told Junior not to head over to a certain area because it was full of poison ivy. Junior’s response, with hand raised in a stop-sign kind of thing: “Don’t worry Uncle Bob, I’m good at science.”

He then proceeded to come back over to the fire with a perfectly useless “stick” that was actually more like a floppy poison ivy vine covered with leaves. Oh ya, he’s good at science. I will note for the jury that the reason I didn’t hear this story until Tuesday was because they didn’t want to say anything and were waiting for me to tell them that he’d “somehow” gotten poison ivy on his hands. Which he never did. It was evasive maneuver #16 – “Don’t tell them you broke the lamp until they notice the lamp is broken…”