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Happy Columbus Day

In honor of the holiday, I will eat foods native to Columbus, Ohio today. I should probably try to figure out why there’s a whole holiday honoring a midwestern city, but hey, who am I to judge? What’s that, you say? It’s not honoring Columbus, Ohio? Well what the hell! Just for that, I’m going to work instead of taking the day off.

Oh all right. I had to go to work anyway. Junior had the day off, and Mr. Dump is staying home with him. Phantom thought that was great, and to show his appreciation, he crapped all over the hearth. Mmmm. Doggie diarrhea on brick. I am thanking God, Allah, Mother Nature and anyone else who wants to be thanked that it wasn’t my job to clean it up.

We also saw the Wallace and Gromit movie on Saturday. Great movie, I loved it. I’d say parts might be a little scary if the kiddies are skittish or younger than 5 or so. Nothing bad happens, but there’s a guy threatening to kill bunnies with a gun, etc. etc. And of course, the scariness of the unseen until they reveal the Wererabbit. So fresh from the glow of seeing this movie, I read with horror that all the Aardman archives were destroyed by fire last night/today. Oh my goodness, that is so completely heartbreaking. Nick Park was wonderfully philosophical about it, I hope that were I in a similar situation, I would be the same way. It’s just sad to think that they lost everything, the entire history of the company, and Wallace and Gromit (all the sets, the characters, the awards, everything). You’ve gotta shake your head when you read that one phone call tells them they had the #1 movie in America over the weekend (our showing, by the way, at the Solomon Pond Mall? Completely sold out), and the next phone call is that they’ve lost everything that was stored in the warehouse that burned. (Let that be a lesson…never keep everything in one place. When I make backups from my computer, I take copies and store them in my drawer at work.)

Anyhoo…time to dip into the Red Cross fund for the Pakistan earthquake victims. Good God, I cannot fathom that amount of death and destruction.