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Foliage? What’s That?

I am just full of despair. One of the big things I live for is the fall. I love everything about it…bringing out the sweaters, the smells, the apples, the pumpkins, mentally getting cozy. But the foliage…the foliage is just what makes New England a place I could never leave.

My favorite trees are the sugar maples because they turn fluorescent orange and red. I mean on FIRE. It’s an amazing sight.

Except this year.

Basically, the trees are going straight to brown. They stayed green about 2 weeks longer than usual, and then…nothing. Junior, Mr. Dump and I had to go to a thing up in New Hampshire this morning/early afternoon, and I was psyched to be able to just enjoy the view (as opposed to when I’m commuting, and I tend to keep my eyes on the road). But there was no view. There were yellow leaves, but they weren’t even that lovely bright yellow; they were more a mustard color.

I have the guy from San Francisco sitting next to me at work, and I have to explain to him that like the 9 straight days of rain he experienced his first 9 days here (“No, it’s not like Seattle here”) that the trees are usually so bright and colorful you need protective eyewear. He’s really going to think everything he’s heard about New England over the years was BS. *sigh*