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Dude, Drive or Get Off The Road

Look, I have a long drive to work. 50 minutes or so. Today it is raining, and that means other people are going to park in the garage. I usually park in the garage not for the cover, but because it is the ONLY parking for people who work at my end of the building. We don’t have a ton of lots down at the far end of the building the way they do for the middle and other end. The garage is it for me. And other people who never park there take all the spaces.

So when I get behind some schmo going 5 to 10 MPH BELOW the speed limit for most of my commute…I can understand how road rage can make a person do something stupid. I so wanted to rear-end this guy at one point. The speed limit was 50 and he was doing 40. 40! I don’t care if it’s raining, 10 MPH below the speed limit should be cause for immediate arrest. The road was wet, not covered with ice and snow and dead skunks and potholes. It’s a long, straight road. If you are too afraid to drive your widdle Chevy Impala (bah!) closer to the speed limit, keep your fat butt at home. Some of us have someplace to get in the morning, and you are blocking the frigging road.


(I wish NaNoWriMo had already started, because that guy would now be having the worst things happen to him on paper…)