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Car Rant

My car, a 1992 Maxima with 105k miles on it (just a baby!) is acting up. And the local Nissan garage had it for 2 days, and because it didn’t act up when they had it on a test drive, they said it drove perfectly, and there were no issues that showed up on their computer. For all of this, and me not having a car for 2 days, they charged me $85. Now I understand that for someone to take the time to drive the car around waiting for it to act up is time that person could be fixing another car. But if you charge me $85, you’d better find something, y’know?

I even gave them a service bulletin from 1993 that seems to be describing the problem exactly. But they didn’t want to do the suggested repairs because they couldn’t confirm that anything was wrong with the car. There is something wrong with the car, and I am giving you permission to try this repair, knowing that it might not fix the problem but they still wouldn’t do it. So I’m out 85 bucks, didn’t have a car for 2 days, and the car was acting worse than ever this morning (you little poop, you knew it wasn’t the mechanic driving you!) and now I have to find someone else to fix it for me.

Thanks, Nissan dealership!