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Boston Museum of Science Recognizes Us

Hey, I am very excited! We went to the Boston Museum of Science Halloween Party/Star Wars Exhibit preview and our family won second prize in the costume contest. Well, 2nd prize in the group category. We were, as I may have mentioned, Harry Potter’d up. Junior was KILLER as Harry, I was Hermoine after a growth spurt, and Mr. Dump was a Dementor. He was freaky scary looking with the mask. I believe the pictures they took of us will end up on the Museum’s web site.

I am thrilled we decided to dress “the same” this year, because that’s the only way we won. Not that Junior wasn’t a kick-butt Harry – I think he probably could have won a solo prize.

Here’s Junior standing with a few of his close friends. Some of the museum employee [Star Wars] costumes were KILLER. I assume the museum paid for them for the gala they had last night with George Lucas. That was $750 per person. We did not attend that party. Then again, my BIL probably would have given Mr. Lucas $750 worth of opinion on how he screwed up the franchise. So that would have been a good investment.