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Are You Giving Something Good?

Okay, we’re into the stretch, people. If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to load up on candy to give out for Trick or Treat. And the weather looks good, so there will be plenty ‘o kids out and about. So have you gone to the store? What are you giving?

I just read in People Magazine that actor Andy Garcia gives out 10,000 pieces of candy each Halloween. Doesn’t that seem excessive to you? Trick or Treating is from 6pm to 8pm or so. Even if we allow an extra hour in whatever town he’s in…that’s 55 pieces of candy a minute, or almost 1 piece per second. Do they bus kids over to Andy’s house and then stand in line for an hour? I’m just not seeing 10,000, no matter how popular you are. And heaven forbid he’d giving out Bit ‘O Honey or something pointless like that.

Us, we’ve got several different items. Of course, Mr. Dump may work his way through one of the bags before Monday night. We have Hot Tamales (his favorite), Nerds, and Sour Patch Kids. I think we’ll be a pretty trendy house with that selection, but I don’t expect to hand out 10,000 of anything in two hours, unless ten kids show up and I give them 1000 pieces of candy each. Take that, Andy Garcia!