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You Asked For It, You Got It

Anji wanted to know what Jon’s art looks like when he’s not using an Etch-a-Sketch, and he responded with the following:

This is obviously a picture of Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington. I love how he captured (quite accurately) the wavy background. Now he’s going to try drawing an original in the style of Tim Burton, because there’s apparently a contest running out there. I think he’ll have a pretty good shot (can’t wait to see his entry).

The sunburn is fading, thanks to all who expressed concern at my “I look like Richard Dreyfuss from Close Encounters when he got the sunburn on one side of his face” look. It’s not too noticeable now. Yesterday was downright dank compared to Saturday, but I was happy because sitting out at a soccer field for an hour in the full sun would have killed me. I would have been the mom sitting under a tent. But no need, and in fact, yesterday marked my first “wore long sleeves all day” day. Not just long sleeves but fleece. I love wearing cozy clothes – I’m not a fan of having to show a lot of skin. I love summer, but not the constant need to wear shorts. Yea long pants season!

And you?