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Other Funny People

On one of my regular mailing lists (for contributors, if you must know) someone (Blair Bostick) posted something that made me laugh out loud, and he gave me permission to post it here because he doesn’t have a website like this one.
Hey, isn’t Trent Lott’s porch floating somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico?
I figure Lott’s already collected his FEMA handout and has rebuilt his porch. What do you think FEMA was doing the first two days?

Brownie- “On today’s “While You Were Washed Out” Ty and Hildi re-do Trent Lott’s porch. Let’s watch as their neighbors, the Notsomuch’s, follow Hildi’s ridiculous ideas for re-designing the Lott’s front porch.”

Hildi-“Bill, Doris, how are you?”

The Notsomuch’s- “Um, fine now that we have these shirts.”

Hildi- “Great, great. Now I found this huge pile of mobile home siding, right in the front yard, and we’re going to turn it into a fun fun fun doghouse under the new porch for the Lott’s dog, Dixie. So, while you guys get pulling that soggy insulation off the siding I’m going to go choose some ludicrous color combinations for the walls.”


Brownie- “So, Lotts, what are we doing to the Notsomuch’s house?”

T Lott- “House?”


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