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My Counter? It’s My Counter?

Oh man, I’m not happy. I think that the ads are being served up by the company providing my “free” web stats. I’m 98% sure it’s them, especially when I got an email from Dumper Becky last night that she got an ad when I’d already stripped almost everything off. And then this morning I got one at work. GRRRRRR. Okay, that’s completely sucky and unacceptable. Now I have to grab all my data from their site, and dump their butts. That also means I can put my weather report back up, and I should probably apologize to Google while I’m at it, but heck, it isn’t like I’ve made any money running their ads anyway. So maybe I’ll leave them off. Or change them. I dunno. I’m cranky about the whole thing so maybe I should put off making any decisions.