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Has Anyone Seen My…

I seem to have misplace 150,000 pills. Baby aspirin, by the way. Nothing bad. I had them in a REALLY big child-safe bottle.

Okay, but seriously folks…

We were supposed to have girl’s night out tonight, but had to postpone until next week. That’s probably for the best because Mr. Dump ended up having to stay home sick today. I hope whatever he has isn’t catchy. It’s got a sort of a flu vibe…headache and nausea. Of course, because I pride myself on my very well-cared for hypochondria, have personally placed an EEE diagnosis on him. I don’t think he’s been bitten by any mosquitoes lately, but maybe there’s a new way of getting it. I told him to call the doctor anyway, but you know how they overreact. I am pretty sure if he calls them and they make him go for tests or something (spinal tap, anyone? I learned my lesson the hard way to be careful how you describe a headache to a doctor) he will KILL me.

“So, honey, does it feel like your brain is swelling?”

That’s probably a bad question. I get sinus headaches that may or may not be migraines, and they ALWAYS feel like my brain is swelling.

I will have him keep touching his chin to his chest, just to be sure. And if he can, I’ll tell him he’s well enough to throw a load of laundry in the machine. Cause you know, that’s how I show compassion.