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What Time Does the Beach Open?

Out of the mouths of babes. You can tell this kid spends more time going to tourist destinations than being out in the great outdoors. I could have tried to mess with his head and tell him the doors open at 9, but I was a good girl, and said they are open 24 hours a day.

Almost ready to go. I plan to post if my cell phone has coverage. I’m sure there’s coverage somewhere on the Cape. Failing that, I’ll send smoke signals. Keep your eyes on the clouds.

Side Note: Made my third (4th?) trip to the Leominster Target. Dropped $200. I forbid myself from going back for at least a week. But hey, all the summer stuff was on clearance! I got a Coleman Queen Size air mattress for twenty bucks. This replaces “old reliable”, the one that I destroyed by closing the trunk on it, causing the latch to give puncture wounds. Got Junior a sleeping bag for $20, too. His old one, a trendy Blues Clues number, holds about half of him. Plus, he’s a second grader now, he can’t be seen in a Blues Clues sleeping bag. What kind of monsters are you people?