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Extending My Pity

All seriousness about this Katrina thing aside, I do want to say that I seriously pity the people who rented the house we rented for vacation this week. Cause it’s a couple thousand dollars a week, and they have no sun in sight. We apparently hogged it all up. Of course, there’s no chance that they will have water up to their eyeballs and have to go sleep in a football stadium, so I can’t offer too much pity, but man, if it was me down there in the rain with the kids for a week, I’d be slowly drinking myself into a stupor. As it is, while we tried to limit the amount of time the television was on, they still watched these two Gamera movies I had with me about 50 or 60 times. Lord help us if we hadn’t been able to spend a few hours down in the water every day. I’d have the dialog memorized.

(You know what’s cool? When your kids discover the stuff you loved as a kid. I wasn’t a big Gamera fan, but my sister was. She was into channel 56’s “Creature Double Feature” every Saturday starting at noon, too, which is I guess how she knew Gamera. So the kids are totally into it, and aren’t at the “so campy it’s cool” stage. They actually find it thrilling when the big pointy-headed monster that kind of looks like an octopus uses his pointy head to stab Gamera, but then Gamera uses his fiery jets to spin off with the monster stuck to him and he wins the fight! Hooray Gamera!)

But enough. I don’t need to see these again for a number of years, thanks.