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Still Not Moved?

I don’t think my stuff is done being moved yet, and when I looked at the staging site, it appears that some of the comments made after the snapshot was taking will be missing. Just wanted to give a heads up. I’m going to try to get a copy of the comment file on the current server right now, so maybe some of them can be recoved.

In other dog news, not a peep all night, until we got up when the alarm went off at 6. His whole doggy playyard was dry as a bone, no pee or poop. I took him right outside in the drizzle and he did both. Woo hoo!

Also, Junior picked out the name Phantom. He saw a picture of the little guy (the one on the photo page at the bottom) and said we should call him Phantom because “He looks like Danny Phantom.” (A cartoon character). When I found out that his coloring is actually considered “phantom” by breeders, we stuck with the name. Even though my sister and brother-in-law were calling him Shadow (his mom’s name, btw) and I’ve been caught calling him by Junior’s name. Oopsie!