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There were two screwed up things in my order. One, they sent me the wrong retractable leash. And then they sent me an extra pooper scooper thingy. He doesn’t poop THAT much.

The customer service lady was very nice. I had her laughing about the leash. You see, I ordered a Flexi Comfort Grip Small. They sent me a Classic All Belt Large. That’s right large. My little bundle of fluff weighs, oh, about 3 pounds or so. If that. This leash is means for dogs up to 150 pounds. “If my cockapoo ever gets to weigh 150 pounds, I suspect I’m doing something very very wrong.” (He should, as an adult, weigh about 1/10 that amount.)

She told me if I wanted to take it to a retail location, I could swap it out for the one I actually paid for, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow. As for the pooper scooper, she said I should donate it to a local shelter, because it would cost them more to get it back and for them to process the return than the thing is worth. So I’m going to do that. It’s a neat little device, invented by a 10 year old boy who was in charge of cleaning up after his golden retriever. It uses regular grocery store shopping bags. I’m very impressed that a kid came up with this, got the patent, and they now sell them in retail stores.

Other than that, today is my annual physical. I’m so looking forward to it. *sigh*

Here are more pictures for those of you who have been bugging me.