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That Warm Glow

No, I’m not talking about the weather. I’m talking about the warm fuzzy feeling I got last night and again this morning as I was driving past the new Target to go home and I thought “So, Jody, do you need anything at Target? Cause if you do, it’s right there and you can just go in and buy it right now!” Woo!

See, we traditionally drive up to Nashua to the Target at the Pheasant Lane Mall. I’d go to the one behind the Solomon Pond Mall, but after work, I’m usually racing home to pick up Junior. But this one…I can pick up Junior and take him with me! How bleeping awesome is that? You have no idea. Ever since Bradlees (and then Caldor) closed, there hasn’t been a retail store that I would consider “close.” Walmart, which I don’t like anyway, is just too far. I’m a homebody. Once I get home after work, I like to stay there. So if there are errands to be done, they MUST be done on my way home. Do you see the need this store is filling for me?

Plus, it’s open at 8:00am. That means I could conceivably stop before work. Holy cow! It’s like they read my mind.

Okay, enough about Target. I know some people are furious that it’s there, and that the traffic will get worse and worse. I will be somewhat impacted by the traffic where I live too, I know it. But if we’re all lucky, 75% of the people going there will use the route 2 exits that are RIGHT next to the shopping plaza, instead of the already-busy backroads, and that will make it all okay!

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Target Review

What, it needs a review? C’mon, it’s Target!

If you haven’t gone to the new one today, make sure you go to the pharmacy. If you go to the pharmacist, they have a gift bag worth at least $20…

P.s. Traffic on Harvard street didn’t seem horrendous…

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Friday, Hawaiian Style

I’m wearing a very festive shirt today. Very flowery. It’s not a Hawaiian shirt per-se, but it’s leaning that way. I put it on because I felt like wearing something summary. It is summer, you know.

Another million degree day. I’m looking forward to the weekend, they say it’s going to settle back down to more normal temperatures. I like normal. Normal is good.

Yesterday, Junior’s summer camp was supposed to go to Crow Hill at Leominster State Forest, but at the last minute it was changed to Hopkinton State Park. In today’s Telegram, I saw why: they closed the beach at Crow Hill after weekly testing showed elevated levels of enterococci.

I don’t know what enterococci look like, but I imagine they have are the bullies of the bacteria world, throwing their weight around, closing swimming holes. Actually, they said it’s bacteria from animal and human waste. Animal waste, sure, you can’t stop a bear from crapping in the woods, right? And the danged horrid disgusting geese are shit-machines. But human waste? Oh, reading on, “sometimes people rinse children off in the swimming water as they change a diaper, which can cause a problem. ” A problem? You are rinsing your poo-assed babies in the water that people around you are swimming in? Hello, McFly, do you not see the problem?

What kind of person does this? I mean seriously, did you ever see how much water little kids accident’s ingest when they are swimming? The only thing I can think of is that karma will get these people and some day their precious cargo will get dysentery from some other reject mom rinsing her kid’s poopy butt in the same small patch of water. Idiots.

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I HATE When I Do That!

I forgot to take my phone with me to work today. I HATE when I do that. Moreso because it isn’t just my phone, it’s my Sidekick, with all my mail, etc. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

So now this day feels like a Monday, even though it isn’t.

It’s stinky also because the phone downloads mail from the address that I use when sending out resumes, and I’m just not going to have the opportunity to check it the way I would on the Sidekick. So ya, I think I deserve a donut or something to make this day a little better, don’t you?