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Month: July, 2005

Stay Home!

Oh my dear God, the parking lot is FULL. STAY home!


Dude, Where’s My Book?

Did Amazon guarantee Harry Potter delivery by 10am, or just some time on the 16th? Cause it’s not here yet and it’s 11am and I’m just a bit ticked off about that. I mean, not enough to make a few phone calls, but I can say the book has been in Leominster since YESTERDAY and yet, it’s not here at the house. Not cool. Not cool at all.


Sunny or No?

Wait, didn’t the weather report say sunny today? My step-daughter convinced us to take them all up to Canobie Lake Park today, but it looks kind of icky out.

I know I told you guys we should have a BDT Summer Outing up there, but Mr. Dump would freak if he knew I invited all of you to meet up with us at the park. If you (Christine, I know you wanted to go) just happened to be at the park this afternoon and we ran into each other, well, wouldn’t that me a great coincidence? If you were already planning to go there today anyway *cough* just drop a comment on this post and I’ll get it in email. Woo!


Random Fridayness

Here are some thoughts for you, to help you transition into the weekend.

  • If you are going to eat a whole package of pumpkin seeds (aka “salty fiber bombs”) you just need to be prepared for the eventual, how shall we say it…”outcome”. Remember the old SNL commercial for colon blow? ‘Nuff said.
  • When you have a burial at sea for a beloved pet, and your seven year old says “I want to flush” seriously consider how he’s gonna feel after he’s done it and realized he’s the one who actually made it go down the drain. Junior was sad about Mike the Fish’s demise, but he sobbed a bit after he physically flushed him. Sure, he wanted to do it, asked if he could, but I don’t think it occurred to us how we’d feel as we watched Mike the Fish whoosh away.
  • I’m a big believer in being straightforward with Junior, so he’s aware of some things that I don’t feel like trying to explain away. Thus, he’s now got a good understanding of what’s going to happen to Phantom when he gets neutered. And he made the appropriate guy noises at the news. (Of course, a short while later he asked “When is Phantom getting his tonsils removed?” “Not his tonsils, honey, his testicles.” [insert moaning noise here]
  • Speaking of Phantom, he has mastered understanding his name, responding to the “come” and “sit” commands, and will actually sit patiently for 10 or more seconds. Thank you, clicker training! This weekend I’m going to try to train him to draw me a bubble bath.
  • Man, now I’m craving more pumpkin seeds. You see what you do to me?

MIT Blogger Survey

From a link on Chuck’s site.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


Oh, Well, If Cooter Says it…

Apparently the guy who used to play Cooter on the original Dukes of Hazzard is telling people to not go see the new movie. Now granted, Ben Jones used to be a Georgia congressman, for whatever that’s worth. But in the grand scheme of things, do I really need or want this guy, who know makes his living selling Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia, telling me what movies I should or shouldn’t see? Plus, this is the Dukes of Hazzard…what the hell? It’s about two guys who spent time in jail, have no jobs, are always on the run from the local police, who live with their hot cousin and their moonshiner uncle. When did THAT kind of disfunction define “family-friendly entertainment”? It’s not like the show is in the pantheon of all-time bestest most wonderfullest TV shows. Sure, I watched it, but I was lusting after the Duke boys in their tight, package-enhancing jeans. And the guys lusted after Daisy in her, wait for it, Daisy Dukes. That’s right, those slutty barely-there shorts are known around the world as Daisy Dukes. Wholesome?! What color is the sky in your family-friendly world?

Cooter, my friend, you’re a moron. You have a Dukes’ store. Why not cash in on the movie in addition to the television show?


No Need to Play Clue for This One

I’d like to request a brief moment of silence for the passing of a little guy who lasted WAY longer than I thought he would have. Earlier tonight, when I went to feed him, I realized that Mike the Fish is no longer among the living.

So while we know he is happier in that great bubbling castle in the deep blue sea, we have to remember that he certainly did enjoy being part of the family. Goodbye Mike the Fish. We had 3.5 years to enjoy you.


Joining the Fan Club Fan Club

On my morning commute today, I was briefly driving behind a guy who had a sticker on his car that proclaimed his official membership in the Donald Duck Fan Club.

Well isn’t that nice!

I’m not against fan clubs. I’ve been in one or two in my life. If there was a fan club for say, me, well, I would be all for that. I’d love to see you put stickers on your car to tell the world you are a member of my fan club. But remember, if you put it out there, it says something about you. For the Jody Fan Club, well, that would show how fantastically cool you are. Because, well, that’s a gimme. But to see a guy driving a car with a Donald Duck Fan Club sticker…I just don’t know if that’s giving the world the right message.

Other fan club stickers I would probably avoid putting on the car:

– Fan of the Garden Gnome Club
– Liberace Fan Club
– Saved By the Bell Fanatics
– Osama bin Ladin Homies
– Underoo Fun Fan
– Republican Party Member

Am I forgetting any?


RSS Feed back

Aw crap, took me until today to figure out my RSS feed was being posted to the wrong subdirectory. I apologize to anyone who reads this via the feeds. Or has added the feed to their Yahoo page. It said I hadn’t updated in 3 days, but that’s not true. *sigh*


Is It Time For Vacation Yet?

I know I shouldn’t be talking vacation when I have less than three weeks left on my contract and not a peep from anyone about extending it, etc. (yet?) but a million moons ago we put a deposit down on a house on Cape Cod for a week in August, and now I just want to BE THERE. Is this week too perfect for the Cape? 80s 80s 80s. My coworker, coincidentally, had also rented the SAME HOUSE and was there last week, and her description of it made me drool. Job or not, the house is paid for for the week, and that is where I will be.

Jergens update: I think I may have been getting a touch of a “healthy glow” but you know what? I just CANNOT put this stuff on my face. The smell, no matter how faint or pleasant, was giving me one of my patented, smell-induced sinus headaches. So no go on facial tan. (I can say that my face didn’t have a bad reaction to the stuff, if that helps. I’m going to give it a shot on my legs, though. I’m considering only putting it on one so I can see the difference. But do I want my legs two different colors?

Dog update: He successfully ripped open the neck of his rabbit-dog (as seen in the little video clip I provided), so his “Baby” has been, how shall we say, laid to rest. Maybe when he gets over his puppy need to chew everything in site I can get him a replacement Baby. But for now, it’s a huge waste of money.

p.s. Any of you dog people have a training program you found successful? He seems pretty easy to train, except for that whole Alpha dog “largest of the litter” thing where he tries to boss us around. He’s more successful with some of us than with others.