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Target Review

What, it needs a review? C’mon, it’s Target!

If you haven’t gone to the new one today, make sure you go to the pharmacy. If you go to the pharmacist, they have a gift bag worth at least $20…

P.s. Traffic on Harvard street didn’t seem horrendous…

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Friday, Hawaiian Style

I’m wearing a very festive shirt today. Very flowery. It’s not a Hawaiian shirt per-se, but it’s leaning that way. I put it on because I felt like wearing something summary. It is summer, you know.

Another million degree day. I’m looking forward to the weekend, they say it’s going to settle back down to more normal temperatures. I like normal. Normal is good.

Yesterday, Junior’s summer camp was supposed to go to Crow Hill at Leominster State Forest, but at the last minute it was changed to Hopkinton State Park. In today’s Telegram, I saw why: they closed the beach at Crow Hill after weekly testing showed elevated levels of enterococci.

I don’t know what enterococci look like, but I imagine they have are the bullies of the bacteria world, throwing their weight around, closing swimming holes. Actually, they said it’s bacteria from animal and human waste. Animal waste, sure, you can’t stop a bear from crapping in the woods, right? And the danged horrid disgusting geese are shit-machines. But human waste? Oh, reading on, “sometimes people rinse children off in the swimming water as they change a diaper, which can cause a problem. ” A problem? You are rinsing your poo-assed babies in the water that people around you are swimming in? Hello, McFly, do you not see the problem?

What kind of person does this? I mean seriously, did you ever see how much water little kids accident’s ingest when they are swimming? The only thing I can think of is that karma will get these people and some day their precious cargo will get dysentery from some other reject mom rinsing her kid’s poopy butt in the same small patch of water. Idiots.

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I HATE When I Do That!

I forgot to take my phone with me to work today. I HATE when I do that. Moreso because it isn’t just my phone, it’s my Sidekick, with all my mail, etc. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

So now this day feels like a Monday, even though it isn’t.

It’s stinky also because the phone downloads mail from the address that I use when sending out resumes, and I’m just not going to have the opportunity to check it the way I would on the Sidekick. So ya, I think I deserve a donut or something to make this day a little better, don’t you?

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Time to Take the Collection Home

Looks like I’ll need to clean out the old cubicle, as my contract is up on the 29th and I will be spending August working for another company. Hopefully we can track down something else for me to do here after that, but who knows. It stinks being a contractor around contract renewal time.

That being said, any of you loyal readers have HR connections at Bose? I know at least one of you used to work there, but I don’t if you are still in touch with anyone there.

So someone remind me to take a larger-sized bag to work with me the next few days, so I can pack up my meager belongings. The Ice Cream Truck collection is coming home, baby!

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Dank; No, not danke, dank

It’s gross out. I feel like I’m trying to breath underwater. I suspect this is not a good day to go for a quick jog, y’knowwhatImean? And tomorrow (hell, the rest of the week) isn’t supposed to be any better.

I forgot to write up my Canobie Lake Park summary yesterday, but in my defense, I spent pretty much the whole day out and about with my sister’s family. The majority of our time was spent browsing at the Waltham store The Construction Site. If you have never been here, do not go unless you have a wallet full of green. I could have literally spent thousands of dollars yesterday (I got off relatively cheaply, but I now have a short list of things to go back and get when I have more cheese money). The cool think is that a lot of the toys have samples out for the kids to play with, so you can really see which ones are holding their attention.

Anyway, Canobie review:
I continue to be amazed at what a great little park this is. Unfortunately, Saturday, we had three things working against us. 1, it was Saturday. 2, it was hot and humid out, and 3, there were some massive company outings going on, so a ton of people were there for free that day. The parking lot was full. As in, I think we got spots in the very last row that had available spots. I heard someone on the radio say they were going to have to move cones and just have people patrol the perimeter. It’s possible that they actually closed the lot about 10 minutes after we got there. I can tell you that in all the years I’ve gone up there, I have NEVER seen the lot that full. We parked in an area I didn’t even know existed.

That being said, the new water park-like area is a welcome addition. Lots of slides, water cannons, climbing, etc. Bring your bathing suit (they have lockers and a bathroom/changing room). Around the perimeter are lounge chairs and places to buy food. It is inside the park, and included in the admission price. I’m guessing Junior could have spent a couple of hours there.

Also, they had another new ride, the Wipeout. For those Whalom fans, it’s a Trabant. Except on steroids. I volunteered to go on it because I always enjoyed the trabant. And this is cool, each little section holds two people facing two people, so when three of us went on, we were facing each other. And then, here is the difference…it’s fast. It felt like maybe twice as fast. And I got stuck in the backwards position and I have never felt so dizzy. Mr. Dump said it was making him sick to watch the ride and try to spot us, that’s how fast this thing spins after it comes down. And the funny thing is that for the backwards person, even after you are level, you still feel like you’re spinning at an angle.

The kids LOVED it. I declined to go back on, I was just happy that I regained my balance fairly quickly. This should be a popular ride once people figure it out.