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Manny Haters Can Kiss My Butt

You people (and you know who you are) who crab and moan about Manny and say they should trade him? Pthbthbthbth. I love Manny. At least once a game, I say it out loud. I love Manny. Manny being Manny doesn’t bother me, either. I don’t see what the big frigging deal is, and was actually shocked when they booed him the other night.

Good for Manny, winning the game for us today. All the people ranting about Manny can kiss my butt. Twice. Jim Rice was dead-on in his post-game comments – you can’t trade Manny unless you get someone just as good or better than him. Manny is a good player, and that’s that. So what if he does “Manny” stuff. What’s the problem? Jealous that you aren’t him? Cause I’ll just bet all those people who’ve been ranting on the phones this week have been or done worse at their own jobs. Boston fans had better get a grip. And the Sports Radio guys should take a Valium.

Also, I dropped a bunch of money at Filene’s today, and darn it, I’m happy. Here’s another “pthbthbthb” to Federated for the impending wipe-out of a great chain.