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Is It Time For Vacation Yet?

I know I shouldn’t be talking vacation when I have less than three weeks left on my contract and not a peep from anyone about extending it, etc. (yet?) but a million moons ago we put a deposit down on a house on Cape Cod for a week in August, and now I just want to BE THERE. Is this week too perfect for the Cape? 80s 80s 80s. My coworker, coincidentally, had also rented the SAME HOUSE and was there last week, and her description of it made me drool. Job or not, the house is paid for for the week, and that is where I will be.

Jergens update: I think I may have been getting a touch of a “healthy glow” but you know what? I just CANNOT put this stuff on my face. The smell, no matter how faint or pleasant, was giving me one of my patented, smell-induced sinus headaches. So no go on facial tan. (I can say that my face didn’t have a bad reaction to the stuff, if that helps. I’m going to give it a shot on my legs, though. I’m considering only putting it on one so I can see the difference. But do I want my legs two different colors?

Dog update: He successfully ripped open the neck of his rabbit-dog (as seen in the little video clip I provided), so his “Baby” has been, how shall we say, laid to rest. Maybe when he gets over his puppy need to chew everything in site I can get him a replacement Baby. But for now, it’s a huge waste of money.

p.s. Any of you dog people have a training program you found successful? He seems pretty easy to train, except for that whole Alpha dog “largest of the litter” thing where he tries to boss us around. He’s more successful with some of us than with others.