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Hey, Federated

I just wanted to weigh in. Not that it makes a difference. But according to a news story, Filenes is history, to be sucked up and chewed out into Macy’s mush.

I don’t shop at Macy’s. I shop at Filenes. Period. And you say “Customers have told us they want the fashion and affordable luxury they find in Macy’s stores,” Federated said in a statement.” Ya, and? How was the question worded to those customers? Did you ask “Tell us, do you want the fashion and affordable luxury you find in Macy’s, or do you want me to squeeze lemon juice in your eyes?”

Sounds to me like you asked people you found wandering around in the aisles at Macy’s. Can you show me evidence that you walked into a Filenes store and asked those shoppers which they prefer? I’d be very very shocked if they said they preferred Macy’s. If they did, why are they shopping at Filenes? I believe you asked three people who had never set foot in a Filenes. If they had, they’d have known that Filenes is very affordable, actually. If I can afford to shop there, anyone can.

Darn it, that means the local store is going to dump all the stuff I like for the Macy’s stuff that doesn’t fit or looks all frumpy. Thanks so much Federated. If you’d kept Filenes, at least you’d be getting some of my money. But if you replace it with Macy’s, I’ll just find somewhere else to spend my money.


One thought on “Hey, Federated

  1. Grew up in NY City, hated it! Shopped at Macy’s, hated it!
    Filene’s was the only decent store in the New England town where I now live. Beleive me, nobody here wanted a stinking Macy’s; and nobody asked us! Stick it, Federated! From now on I’ll be shopping online or from mail order catalogs.

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