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5 or 6 Hours Without Power

We took Phantom to puppy training class last night, and when we got home at 7, the power was out. I could have been out for a minute, or 60 minutes, given that we weren’t home. It didn’t come back on until almost midnight.

So now I’m wondering if the food in the fridge and freezer are okay. The fridge was opened very briefly once, at about 8pm. The freezer wasn’t touched.

I’m not in the mood to replace everything in there again. Actually, maybe tossing everything in the freezer would be a blessing. There’s a lot of stuff in there that I should throw, and just don’t have the heart to. If I had to toss everything, there would actually be room in the freezer for stuff that we actually *want* to have in there. I really should make a point to go through it the night before trash day this week. I’ll put that on the old “to do” list.

For the record, Junior was about to lose his mind from the power being out. He was very unhappy because he’d had his evening planned in his head, and the whole thing was impossible. He kept asking for things, and we’d say “we don’t have power”. I don’t think he had ever thought to think about how 98% of the things we have in our house run off electricity. When he found out I couldn’t boil water to make him some pasta, he asked me to microwave something. Dude, no power is no power.

I hope we didn’t miss anything good on TV last night. Was Mythbusters a new episode?