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Worst Goodie Bag Item Evah

I freaked out Junior but good last night, and it made me laugh. I am still smiling about it, because it was just such a mom thing to do.

We attended a birthday party at the bowling alley (sport of kings, much beloved by the elementary school set). Prior to the party, the birthday boy told the kids in his class that his parents were putting $200 electronic devices in the goodie bags. I explained to Junior he was probably saying that to try to achieve perfect party attendance, that I know his parents and like any parent, they would rather spend the $$ on their own kids, not someone else’s.

I was apparently right, as the goodie bags were of the more traditional “candy, gum, pencil and yo-yo” variety. Which is cool, because he really likes yo-yos, so he quickly got over his initial “what, no PSP?” disappointment.

When he was done bowling he took off the rental shoes and handed me his socks so he could put his flipflops back on. I stuck the socks in the goodie bag to carrying them. And then I forgot to take them out. So later, when he was ready to investigate his goodie bag loot, he screamed “AHHH! I GOT DIRTY SOCKS IN MY GOODIE BAG!”

Was it wrong of me to laugh as hard as I did, before I told him they were his socks?