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Where is My $5?

I’ve been maintaining this website for almost 10 years now. Not once in that whole time has anyone offered me $5 for hawk a product on my site, as was mentioned in an article in the Globe. Where is my $5?

Sure, I have Google ads that I’m not allowed to talk about (but I can tell you that I have yet to see any $$ from those) and the referrals have dropped so much in recent years that I haven’t made the threshold to get a payment since Christmas. So ya, when I signed up for a referrer link in case anybody else wanted to try their hand at selling stock photography, because if I can get an extra penny, why not.

But darn if nobody’s offered me five bucks. Or the 8 figures John Daley mentions of a friend’s site in his take on this. Sheesh. And last year, when I said I’d rename the blog after whatever company was willing to put a pool in my backyard or build me a garage? No takers. Not one. Now I’m all depressed. Thanks a lot, Boston Globe.