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What To Do, What To Do

You know what? Yesterday turned out to be just a really not great day, so today is sort of my do-over. And you know what? I don’t want to do anything. Do that count? We were supposed to go out and run errands this morning, and now it’s 12:15pm and I haven’t done much of anything, and I’m proud of it. Darn it.

Baseball practice this afternoon is the only thing we have to do. I think if we didn’t have that, I’d probably head to Target, but now I don’t have enough time, because I hate being rushed in Target. I’m sorry, but I’m a browser. I love just looking at everything.

Junior gave us a choice, we can either go to Bertuccis or Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. First off, he doesn’t get to give us choices. Second, it will be a cold day in hell…