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Rocking Rockport

Yesterday (Saturday) we spent the day in Rockport with Uncles Crank and Ron. We sort of chose Rockport thinking that it might be cooler on the coast. Okay, hoping it would be cooler on the coast. It unfortunately was not cooler on the coast. There wasn’t even a breeze. Many quarts of sweat were lost yesterday.

We rented a minivan so that we’d be able to fit all 7 people in one vehicle. I have to pass along the advice that if you want a decent minivan from a company you’ve heard of, plan for the rental early. Don’t wait until the last minute. We had a 2001 Windstar and the air conditioning could have used a recharge or something. It wasn’t the best ride I’ve ever had, especially when we were used to our old Sienna.

Here are a couple of shots showing why 15 billion people (and us) chose to go to Rockport yesterday.