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Possible Excuse for the Lack of Soap

At CVS, I mean. Maybe they are so busy miss-filling prescriptions that they just don’t have time to stock the shelves.

The local paper said a Leominster woman was given double the dose of her thyroid medication. Another local person was one of the 20 or so who have come forward to say they got the wrong medicine or wrong dose.

Personally, I got ‘old’ medicine from Brooks once and that was the last prescription I brought there. The packaging for the drug said it was past the expiration date. I’m just lucky that it wasn’t something you get in a prescription bottle…you have no clue how old that stuff is, I suppose.

The double the dose thing will probably be an issue when drug companies start pushing people to cut pills in half to save money. 30 100mg pills costs the same as 30 200mg pills, but if you cut them in half they last twice as long. But how many people will forget to cut them in half?