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Pointless Summer Song Post

This is not in response to any particular blog meme going around (you know I try to stay away from those. I also try to stay away from calling my site a blog; a blog is just one aspect of my site.) I just decided to try to come up with a list of my favorite summer songs. These can be songs that have summer involved in the lyrics, title, or maybe were released in the summer. Basically, the guideline for this list is “does the song remind me of summer” and “do I like the song for that reason”. Very objective, no?

So here goes. I know you’ll all feel free to toss in your own two cents via the comments. I reserve the right to steal stuff from your lists and add them to mine.

  • Sunglasses at Night
  • Black Cars
  • Anything from the Loggins and Messina Full Sail album, for example, Junkanoo Holiday
  • Smooth (Santana)
  • Fascination (okay, this is probably only applicable to me, I’m sure. It dates to the summer I worked at Whalom and they had a game called Fascination)
  • Let ‘Em In (ditto. Whenever I hear this song I am transported back to my neighbor’s back yard and swimming in their pool)
  • Copacobana (we used to choreograph this song in my parent’s screenhouse)
  • Afternoon Delight (Girl Scout camp, one of the older girls in my tent LOVED this song)
  • Summer Breeze (actually, anything by Seals and Crofts. Funnily, if you click on the Full Sail link above, the Amazon site lists other items purchased by people who bought Full Sail, and Seals and Crofts Greatest Hits is listed.)
  • Hot Hot Hot
  • Anything on the Kenny Loggins Leap of Faith cd
  • Anything on History: America’s Greatest Hits, for instance, Ventura Highway
  • Nights on Broadway (Bee Gees. Dang, now I need to go get that on iTunes)
  • Philadelphia Freedom (reminds me of eating maple walnut ice cream at MB’s house)