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I Ate Bacon

I had some bacon this morning (in a “sunshine sandwich”) and I’d do it again, darn it!

For those of you keeping track, I also switched my water order from raspberry-lime Poland Spring Sparkling water (aka “bubble water”) to just lime. I’m all raspberry-limed out. I still don’t like the lemon, and I can’t remember how I feel about the orange. If I didn’t have so many of the bottles at home available to bring in, I’d probably try one in the cafeteria.

I organized Junior’s bookcase last night; it had become a huge messy pile of junk. I know I there are probably quite a few that I could pull off that bookcase and store somewhere else, but I need to find the “somewhere else” first. I don’t want to get rid of them, but I don’t want to put them out on display, either. If I ever got the spare room cleaned up, I could put a bookcase in there for his extras and my own. I cleaned up that room once this year, so much so that you could actually walk around in it, but it’s back to being a complete mess. I think it’s time to start throwing things out again. And find a new home for our luggage. It’s times like this that I dislike living in a cape, because you are in the attic when you’re on the second floor, so there’s no attic storage. Boo, Hiss. This was only supposed to be our “starter house” anyway. Tomorrow, we’ll have been in it for 11 years. Not really a “starter house” if you never move out of it, huh?