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Go Ahead, Make My Day

I keep forgetting to tell you guys about something I saw that made me laugh like a madwoman. So now that I’ve remembered, I’ll tell you!

About a week ago we were driving on Route 12 in Leominster, past a car wash. All the lovely car owners were getting the pollen, etc. off their cars, vacuuming them out, etc. There was a big shiny clean SUV parked by the vacuums…with a pigeon walking around on the roof. I don’t know, maybe I’m evil, but that just set me off and I laughed for the next mile or two. I wish I’d had my camera, because boy, there are days when I feel like that SUV owner.

Let’s see, not much else. I applied for an Accuweather thingy so that I can put their weather report right on my site (over on the right somewhere, I suppose) so that I don’t have to always go to their site right away. As for Sunday’s forecast, says 86 (but it will feel like 92) and Yahoo/ says 87. Just to keep you up-to-date.

Oh, and we picked strawberry #2 last night. I didn’t get any. There are two more just about ready, and one of them has my name on it.