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Face First

I think it’s pollen-y outside today. My face is starting to hurt. You know, that cheekbone pressure everyone knows and loves? I just took some Tylenol Sinus so don’t be surprised if I fall face-first dead asleep on my keyboard. I warned you.

The sinus facial pressure also triggered one of those muscle twitch things that I usually get in my eyelid, only this time it’s on my cheek. I can’t begin to describe to you how annoying this is. It’s like Chinese water torture, actually. I assume whatever’s causing the pressure in my sinuses is pressing on something vital.

I think the only upside to this is that I probably look like a crazy person, with my cheek all twitchy. I’m glad I don’t have any meetings today because you know that everyone in the room would just be staring at my face. I really don’t need that.

The other thing is that my hair smelled like that of a fry cook this morning. I was stuck working in the snack booth at the Little League field last night, and they cook fries, fried dough, chicken fingers and the like in the hot oil. Eventually, I reeked of it. After I got out of the shower and got dressed, I realized my hair still smelled like food. Enough that I actually wondered if I forgot to shampoo. Ick ick ick. So I went for the stronger-smelling shampoo (the kind that smells like bum except I still have a bottle of the pre-bum formula) and washed it again. It still smells a little bit, but I put it up with a hair clip so I can’t smell it anymore. So I’m the twitchy-faced person who smells like ballpark chicken fingers. Mmmm.


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