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Belated Anniversary Gift

Our 12th anniversary was last month, and we got our official gift over the weekend at my favorite favorite favorite gallery in Rockport. (A quick backstory – I’ve always loved the work of this photographer. I have longed for some of his pieces for 10 or more years, but for a long time, buying stuff to hang on the walls was just not in our budget. But I still knew I wanted some of his stuff. And then my brother-in-law went and bought some of his pieces for my sister! Wait, he is MY favorite photographer! Anyhoo…after 10 years of going to his gallery and leaving empty-handed, my time had come! We found a piece that we both loved, and while we couldn’t get the largest version they had, we did get the next size down.

To see it, got to the Andrew Borsari Gallery website and click the landscape link. Our photo is on page 3 of 6, and it’s the one called Green Fields (Three Hills). It was taken in California this past February, and you have to trust me that this little picture doesn’t do it justice. The two trees are the only things on these three rolling hills, and the cloud and the shadows and…and…I love it.

I think if my contract gets renewed here (right now, things are kind of iffy because of some roles being moved, which is a problem) I’m going to buy another one. The only problem will be decided which one.


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