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82 or 97?

I’m trying to make plans for the next few days, and I’m not happy with the weather. 88 and humid today? Fantastic. Great. I have another baseball game to attend, that should be pleasant.

The one that is killing me is Sunday: last night Yahoo’s weather said it was going to be 97 and humid. See, that’s the kind of weather that makes me want to mail myself to Alaska. But now Accuweather says 89, and Yahoo (pulled from the, I believe) says 82. That’s a 15 degree drop in the forecast in only 12 hours. And lets face it, 82 sounds a LOT better than 89, doesn’t it? So do I pick Yahoo’s forecast and hope for 82, or Accuweather? Or do I not forget that last night the number 97 was being thrown around?

I guess no matter what, I’m wearing shorts Sunday, so hide all the small children and wear protective eye gear for the glare.