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3 Little Pigs

Following up on yesterday’s bacon topic…

I noticed in the ad panel that I’m not supposed to mention that someone is selling plans for building your own straw bale house. So like the three little pigs, you could live in a house made of straw. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I actually went to the site because I was having a hard time picturing what they meant, and I’m still not sure. They talk about how it’s fire safe. But how can a straw house be fire safe? And they also talk about how the air in your house will be better because it’s filtered through the straw, but then the pictures show that the straw isn’t even exposed, so how is that possible? Only if you don’t put up real walls? Can you have this kind of house if you have allergies? I would think it’s kind of dusty.

I can imagine I’d go through the massive trouble of building one of these things, and then all God’s woodland creatures would show up and start nibbling on my foundation. That’s all I’d need. So anyway, if I had a lot of land and a bunch of money to just throw away, I’d try to build something out of straw bales, because, hey, I’m a curious person. (Very curious. Like, I want to know what happened to the cement mixer that’s in the junkyard on route 70 in Lancaster. The mixer part looks fine but the cab is completely crushed down from the top. It looks like something was dropped on it) Maybe I could build junior a clubhouse. Or kill two birds with one stone, and build my 3 season room out of straw bales! Ya! Except it wouldn’t have any windows so it wouldn’t really be as functional as a sunroom, but we could use it as storage for Junior’s books! Oh, imagine the possibilities!