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"Where’s Our New Room?"

While I wait for Cmonks to notice we’re blogfighting, I’ll get back to the mundane…

Mr. Dump and I have been throwing around the idea of replacing our deck with a 3-season room. I think I’ve mentioned this before. If I haven’t, well, there you go. So we’re still in the “can we afford this” stage because basically we’re in a “cash only” mode these days, and the first quote we got, which was for something not prefab, was a little higher than I’d hoped. So we’d kind of backburnered the thing, given that I’m not going to start that kind of project until my contract is renewed for another six months (due up in June). And then Junior asked us when our new room would be done. I’m not sure where the sudden interest came from, but hey, he’s a voting member of the Big DumpTruck Management Team, right? So soon after the conversation where we had to explain that it takes a lot of money to turn your deck into a room, the pre-fab people actually called back. So I have one of them coming out a week from Thursday. I still have to call back the other company. I can’t remember which one is which from the Home Show in Fitchburg a couple of months ago. One of them was much less expensive than the others, but I was a little less sure I liked the way theirs looked. But what if it’s a case of “good enough and we can have it this year” or “wait until next year for one that’s only a little bit better” when better is relative?

So kids, anyone out there have ANY experience with having a 3 season room/enclosed porch/screen room/patio enclosure (pick a name, any name) done up here in the Leominster area? Does a neighbor have one? Are you/they happy they did it? Would you/they suggest one company over another?

Thank you for your prompt assistance. Also, any patio enclosure company that wishes to knock $3000 off the installed price can get free advertising on this site for the next 3 years! Whatta Deal!