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Products You Should Buy to Be Like Me

It’s time for that regular Big DumpTruck feature: How to Be Like Jody. If you buy the following products/do the following things, you can be just like me. Isn’t that the goal of each and every one of my faithful readers? Yes, I thought so.

1. Honey Nut Chex Mix. I love this stuff. I could inhale it by the bagful, and this weekend, I almost did. There is something supremely addicting about the salti-sweetness of this product. Don’t get me wrong, regular Chex Mix is good, but it’s nowhere NEAR as good as the honey nut kind. Don’t be confused by the caramel one (I think that’s what it was…I have never tried it); to be like Jody you must go for honey nut.

2. Viva paper towels. These are the official paper towels of the Big DumpTruck. I got hooked on these when Junior was a baby and they were the recommended brand if you were going to try to make your own baby wipes. They are VERY VERY SOFT. In fact, my step-daughter actually asked me what brand they were last week. She also wanted to know what brand of toilet paper I buy.

3. Angel Soft double rolls

4. Shaws Brand dryer sheets. I guess this only works for people who live within listening distance of a Shaws. I cannot say for certain if Star Market brand is the same (I know they are owned by the same company). Shaws brand is all that and a bag of Honey Nut Chex Mix.

So there you go, a few things to set you on your way to Jodyness. Watch this space for even more helpful hints in the future!