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No May Puns Allowed

I “May” try to avoid all May puns in blog entry titles, but it “May” be really hard for me to do so. *Knee slap*

Hey, some random updates and thoughts and maybe a brag:

  • Junior’s running problem? Somehow, last week, he figured it out. So now he runs fast and looks fairly normal doing it. I have no idea what clicked or when (I think it was at aftercare but he says nobody was helping him) but I can cross that off our to-do list.
  • They had the Little League Opening Ceremony on Saturday in the rain. Well, at least it’s over with. It was actually really nice, and kind of cool to see just how many kids are involved. The funny thing was that they call all the kids names one at a time and they run across the field, and then they name the coaches, who join them. So I’m standing there with my video camera when….they call my name as a coach. See, I gave them my name so they could do the CORY [background] check to allow me to go out on the field and interact with the kids, and apparently that makes me a “coach”. Color me surprised!
  • I made hummus. I made hummus and salsa and about 10 fruit smoothies this weekend. I am the proud new owner of one of those unfortunately named “Magic Bullet” food processor thingies. We need to do more work on the salsa, as it was good but a little too mushed for my liking, and missing something that I can’t quite place (maybe a splash of lime juice?) The hummus rocks and I’m mad at myself because I forgot to take some to work today. Grrr.
  • Here is the recipe for my new favorite smoothie (which Mr. Dump totally invented on his very own): 1 cup ice, one of those little single-serving cups of diced peaches and one of pineapple (both with the juice) and two tablespoons of vanilla no-fat yogurt. Whirl that puppy and suck it down. (The M-B makes single-servings of smoothy, so if you are stuck with one of those $300 Vitamixes, you’ll just have to adjust to fit your needs. It’s like 140 calories total for the fruit, and what, another 50 or so for the yogurt, max? I could lose a lot of weight if I just lived on these things. They are filling. (Mr. Dump added a pinch of sugar to his to balance out the yogurt. Your call.)