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Horribly Unpopular

Getting in on a web meme a few billion years late, I just visited NameVoyager and started poking around to see trends in names. My name? Not even in the top 1000 baby names (for boys or girls) in 2003. Not with any spelling. It peaked in the 70’s, being 174th most popular name for girls, 204th for boys. I’m shocked by that. I know very few people named Jody (as opposed to people using Jody as a nickname.)

My sister’s name was the *7th* most popular girls name of the 50s! It had dropped all the way to 23rd by the 70s, and now her spelling, like mine, isn’t even a blip on the radar. So I don’t need any smart comments from her.

Just for fun, “Junior” ranks higher than “Jody.” Not as high as his real name, but I’m fascinated that there are people out there actually giving a wee bitty baby the legal first name “Junior.” It boggles.