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Heads Up, Commenters

[update: changes complete. Thank you for your patience.]

Just a heads up that if you are reading this on Tuesday, you may not see any commenting links on the page. I have to temporarily disable them on all pages so that I can block them altogether on the January and February pages. After weeks, nay, months of not dealing with comment spam, they appear to be hitting my January archive page with a vengeance. No, I don’t need any tips for winning at roulette. Here’s how to win at roulette: don’t play. Every dollar you don’t bet becomes a win for you. See how helpful I can be? Someone should nominate me for a Nobel Prize or something.

Hopefully I can do this quickly, and get comments back up for at least the May page(s). I don’t have FTP access from work, so I may not get to fix April and March until tonight. If I remember.


You see what I do for you people?