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Game Girl

I’m off to work a game book at the elementry school’s lawn party today. The weather is questionable…I’m hoping that I’ll be inside somewhere because spending the next two hours standing outside in the dank air doesn’t thrill me.

But it’s only two hours, and Mr. Crunchy’s wife (Mrs. Crunchy?) is doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend. I know some of you sponsored my sister when she did this walk last year – thanks again for that. So if you hadn’t already sponsored someone and were looking to, why not visit her pledge page and throw a few bucks her way? Every dollar helps, and whether you are a billionaire (I’m sure I’ve got a lot of billionaires reading my site every day. That’s what gets me through my morning, really. That and tea. And pastry. But mostly the thought that billionaires are fans of mine), or like me, aren’t quite in that tax bracket.

In other news…Junior spent all day yesterday throwing up. He was up at 5am on the potty with a “bad belly” but we thought he got rid of it. The school called at 10am to tell me he’d, you know, in his classroom. I got him and he spent from 10:30 or so to 9pm randomly napping and throwing up. That was fun. And this morning, we were awakened by the sound of the electric substation down the street blowing up. BOOOOOM. At quarter of six. So Junior runs in to tell us his belly feels better. At quarter of six. And step-son runs in to tell us the electricity is out. At quarter of six.

Did I mention I’ve been up since quarter of six?