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Another One Bites the Dust

7:30 on a Sunday night…isn’t that just the worst time of day of the whole week? Enough time for you to think “What can I squeeze in before I have to go to bed” and not enough time to actually do something. And so it goes, another weekend spirals down the drain. Wheeeeeeee!

Yesterday was a good day…the step kids were up and thank God for that. My step-daughter helped me run my game booth at the lawn party, and I can’t even fathom what I would have done without her help. It really was a 2-person game. I’m going to mention that to them for next year’s planning. And then noon rolled around and nobody showed up to relieve us. At 12:15 they finally just shut down our game (I have no idea for how long) because I really couldn’t stay there any longer. I was starving and had to go to the bathroom. Not necessarily in that order.

Then after we all kind of passed out for a while, we all went to eat at the Japanese steakhouse part of Chopsticks. It was a sacrifice on the parts of Junior and his brother cause they don’t like that food so much. Except actually, Junior did eat some of the chicken, which pleased me, and a few bites of rice. I looked at the $11.00 for his meal as being better than paying a babysitter. Plus they all had a blast – what’s not to love about food being prepared in front of you? This was actually where I wanted to go for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and because it was a kid weekend, we really had to go somewhere with everyone. I’m so glad they were willing to go. It was a great meal.

After that, we headed over to Tri-Town Drive-In to see Kicking and Screaming. It was pretty good; there were some genuinely funny parts, but it wasn’t as drop-dead funny that I thought it could be. I’d see it again, but hey, by going to the drive-in to see it at $15 a carload with 5 people is not shabby. If you go, just remember the bug spray. It’s nasty outside at night without it.