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Okay, So Now We Wait

It only took me about 4 hours (or so it seemed) to get 21 strawberry plants into the ground. Well, 19 in the ground and 2 in a planter on the deck. The main problem was the general lack of a “garden” area, so that was me, digging up part of the lawn with hand tools. It was a nice little workout, anyway.

I had 4 plants left over because I literally ran out of room. Maybe if the three plants from last year hadn’t started coming up (yea!) I would have had room for all of them, but nature has her own ideas. So I’m going to put the four in pots and give them to my sister, who can replant them when she has time. I need to do that tonight, but for now the plants are safely damp and in my fridge.

And yes, they are all covered with some special cloth that I bought, knowing it would be cold this week. I’m not stupid.