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Little League Lead Legs

I have to figure out how to teach my son to run properly. Does that sound odd? It feels odd. He runs as if his legs are in casts. I cannot figure out exactly what he’s doing wrong, other than thinking he’s too stiff, that he doesn’t bend his knees enough.

The reason I need to figure this out is that while he’s a good hitter, twice last night he was out on first because he didn’t run fast enough (he did make it to base and eventually scored a run at least once, so that’s good). Just a little faster, you know? I’m not a physical trainer or a coach, so I don’t know how you explain it to a kid. It’s not like some kids who are sort of, well, lumbering. They just don’t run fast. He could run fast, if he was doing it right. (It probably sounds more confusing than it is.)

Also, a hearty welcome to all my new MSN Search results visitors. Can I offer you some Kool-Aid? (I was going to write “Tang” cause that’s such a humorous beverage, but given the search terms driving you guys here, I thought maybe you’d take that the wrong way. I tells ya, there are so many things I was going to write that I had to self-censor until MSN stops associating me with dirty search terms, just because they sound dirty.) One of them made me laugh out loud when I realized how it sounded. Maybe I’ll write it in the comments so it won’t be picked up by the search bots.