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Is There Something In the Water?

Okay, we can’t put Terri Schiavo in this list because pulling a feeding tube means the death was kind of scheduled. But in the past few days, there are obituary notices all over the place, and then there are people who are on death’s door. It is very “death-y” out there right now. Make sure you take your multi-vitamins, okay?

By the time this posts (or soon after) I’m sure we’ll be able to add Pope John Paul II to this list. Yesterday in the news they were saying he wanted every possibly intervention to keep him alive, and then this morning they were saying he refused to go back to the hospital, putting his fate in God’s hands. Interesting that these two news items were only a day apart. I’m with him today, though. What kind of quality of live is it to just take him to the hospital and plug him in? I’m thinking that maybe, now that he really understands it from that side, he might make some proclamation that it’s okay to choose to go, to tell the family that it is actually a humane and loving thing to do. But it sounds like he’s not in any shape to do that.

Frank Purdue died also, and I’m completely embarrassed to say that I didn’t know he was still alive. I’m guessing I’m not alone, but still.

All this pales, however, to last night’s death of my laptop computer. I am not handling it well, either. Mr. Dump says he experienced this type of death before, and it wasn’t fixable. The tech guy from HP swears that if I pay $298, they will fix it and send it back to me in 6 days. I asked what happens if they can’t fix it and he got kind of indignant.

Which then raises the question – do you spend $300 to fix a 3 year old computer that doesn’t have the power to do any of the things you want to do with it, or do you put that 300 toward something that can? Decisions, decisions.