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Gotta Go Plant, Baby

My father ordered strawberry plants for me, and I have to go get them and plant them today. I know, it seems early to me too, but he tells me that they only send them out when it’s okay for you to plant them (based on where you live) so he wants me to hurry up and get them. Of course, that means I also have to go get strawberry fertilizer, netting, etc. etc. etc. then dig out the space for them on the side of the house. Man oh man, nothing is simple, right?

And I won’t even worry about the predicted snow flurries on Monday. I’m sure young strawberry plants just love snow.

And no, Junior and I didn’t win any games at mother-son Bingo at his school last night. I mean, there were people getting bingo after they only called 10 numbers. But it was cool to have a mother-son activity anyway. And everyone who went left with a book, which was actually the prize if you won…I guess the difference if you won is that everyone clapped for you and you got first pick of all the available books. Next year, we wipe the floor with the competition.