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Day 5

Still no laptop. There will continue to be no laptop until I buy one, by the way. I’m just saying.

Okay, update on the burning urge to go to Disney again. One of the interesting things about Disney is that I regularly have dreams about going to the park. I have not sat down to evaluate them in any way, but I can tell you that there are times I have the same or similar dreams about the park(s), except the parks in my dreams do not resemble the real ones. Sometimes they are more like a Six-Flags type amusement park. They are the Jody version of WDW. Last night I had a dream that we were in this section of Epcot that is nothing like any other part of Epcot, except I’ve dreamt we have been there before, so in last night’s dream I was actually saying “Let’s go back to that restaurant over there!” The main focus of last night’s dream was making phone calls to my family to try to convince them to meet us at this restaurant.

I had a Disney dream last week where we were first in line to go into an attraction (i.e. the park had just opened) and we were so excited (I think it was Tower of Terror)…we walked all through the queue only to walk through a doorway that put us in the middle of the park. So it wasn’t an attraction at all, it was just the entrance to the park.

Last year I had a dream where we were with the whole family and there was some sort of problem with the plumbing or something and suddenly the whole park (remember, Jody Park, not what one really looks like) was flooded and we had to get the kids into boats, but my sister wouldn’t leave one of the gift shops. There was a big pipe all this water was bursting out of, but I can’t say for sure if it was clean water or dirty, if you catch my drift.

There isn’t anything scary about these dreams, I just suspect it’s my burning desire to go on vacation – specifically back to Disney. But I find it very amusing to have dreams like these over and over again.